Zach's Corner

Hi, I’m Zach Dearth and welcome to Zach’s Corner! Here you’ll find some interesting things about me like what I enjoy doing as a kid, some photos of me with friends and family, and a regular update (blog) on how I’m fighting Hunter Syndrome and how it’s affecting me.

Well the most important thing right now is that I am getting ready to start my weekly enzyme infusions from home. That’s right, no more driving to the hospital and spending the entire day there and missing an entire day of school. The nurse will come right to my own house and I will hang out here for a few hours while I get my medicine. Everyone, especially mom is very excited. I will miss my nurses at the hospital though. They were the best. They used to order me ice cream after lunch. I will keep you posted through my blog about the home treatments.

The second most important thing is that I am starting 1st grade this September. I am such a big kid now. I will be in school all 5 days now that I am getting my treatments at home. My favorite thing about school is lunch time, I am a “buyer” not a “bringer”. I also love show and tell, going to OT, PT and speech with a few of my friends and riding the bus. My sister, Abby, will be starting Pre-school in September too! We are both very excited about the new school year, especially since we will be going to the same school.

Some of the other things I love are visiting with my cousins, Eric and Gavin, my friends Kayla and Kazlin and how much I am looking forward to my birthday. I still love Halloween, but my birthday is now my favorite time of the year. Next year I want to have a party at the bowling alley.

Wanna know more about me? Check out my Zach’s Facts below or browse my photos to the right. I love looking at pictures – especially if they’re of me – and hope you do, too! Oh yeah, there’s even Zach’s Blog – just click on the button below to read how I torture mom and dad on a daily basis and how I’m doing with Hunter Syndrome.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about more about me, this terrible disease, and for visiting our site. I hope to see you at some of our events – especially Zach’s Run (yep, it’s named after me!).

Zach's Facts

• I was diagnosed with Hunter Syndrome in July 2005.

• I am currently in second grade.

• I receive weekly treatments as part of my Enzyme Replacement Therapy that helps slow down the progress of the disease.

• I like watching movies.

• I have tubes in both of my ears to help me hear and speak better.

• My favorite foods are pizza, ice cream, fruit, and popcorn.

• I attend physical and speech therapies every week.

• I love playing in the pool and pushing people in!

• I am seven years old and currently there is no cure to stop the disease I have.